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The sale is done – another satisfied customer, now on to the next one… It’s not that simple. A customer’s lifecycle is as long as the support they receive and you must support them appropriately with regards to refunds, deliveries, exchanges etc. Treat customers well post-sale and you have loyal customers after Christmas, fail to do this and the bad reviews will flow. 90% Of Customers Say Buying Decisions Are Influenced By Online Reviews [survey conducted by Dimensional Research].

A call centre can relieve the stress on your in-house team by housing your customer support needs not only post-sale but pre-sale information lines also. By outsourcing to a call centre this Christmas you can avail of overflow cover if you’re expecting an influx of enquiries (45% of US consumers will abandon an online transaction if their questions or concerns are not addressed quickly. [Source: Forrester]).

Multichannel Support to support customers after Christmas

There is already a huge growth in interactions via email, mobile and the web. Organisations need to define a multi-channel customer response strategy as soon as possible, setting out their objectives and the resources they need to deliver services consistently across channels. Part of that strategy will assess whether you develop an internal capability to handle multi-channel customer management or alternatively outsource to a third party specialist.

Combination of in-house and outsourced team

During busy periods such as Christmas, your in-house team may be overwhelmed by the influx of customer interactions. Outsourcing to a call centre will ensure that your customer’s experiences are maintained by always having someone to answer them. It also greatly reduces training and hiring costs.

Open 24 by 7

It’s a given nowadays. As mentioned previously a lot of purchases occur after 6 pm and this is especially pertinent during Christmas as people are often buying for someone else and require last minute answers to their questions.

Social Media Support as a Marketing and Customer Support tool

It’s the perfect way of reaching all your customers in one swoop. Answering one customer’s question will often answer many others.

Repeat buyers

Providing 360-degree service pre, during and after sales ensures that you create loyal customers after Christmas. Repeat business is the backbone of selling and a call centre will provide services that help companies obtain loyal customers by providing after sales support on a wide variety of platforms.

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