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The back to school market is an extremely competitive one and because of the sheer expense of the whole process it is vital that your business is able to communicate your special offers. If your company sells uniforms, books or materials and you have competitive pricing, then now is the time to communicate this to the parents.  Using the media channels that call centres can offer is a great way to reach your audience. The advantage in this sector is that the market is well defined and the demand is always high. Because of this high demand school suppliers can avail off and use call centres which can handle high volumes of calls.

How can a call centre help your company to sell more school supplies?

  1. Support your marketing and advertisement campaigns: A great advertising campaign can become impersonal. Provide your customers with a dedicated phone number and personalised responses to customers.
  1. Advantages over a simple FAQ page: Outsourcing a customer support service to a call centre can provide that bit of approachability that could swing a lot of custom your way. It allows parents to give more detailed answers and enquiries about the back to school supplies over the phone. There are fewer obstacles to contend with than online services, a lot of parents would feel more comfortable dealing with a person when it comes to the money they spend on their children and call centre agents are trained to be friendly and welcoming.
  1. Market Research:  Parents put in a lot of research into buying back to school supplies and a supply business should put a lot of research into parents. This is where a call centre can help by doing it faster and in greater volume.
  2. Outbound sales campaign: Contact previous buyers with offers and discounts.