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A high turn-over of staff is a common in the world of call centres but it doesn’t have to be. A high attrition rate is detrimental to a call centre because of the cost of recruiting and also the cost of training new recruits. Great customer service requires a certain level of experience that is missing in a call centre with a high turn-over rate and there is a lot to be said for having a core group of employees that have been working in a call centre for over three years. It builds a level of camaraderie that aids the harmony in the centre and therefore creates quality customer service be it over the phone, e-mail or live chat.

Most company structures can be viewed in a pyramid form where the upper tiers are the CEO’s, directors and managers. At the base of this pyramid are the call centre agents, where good customer service is achieved or not. When the base of your centre (i.e. Agents) is a core group of content employees it is made apparent to the customer and internal relationships become external relationships.

There are strategies you can use to lower your attrition rate.

  • A Good Recruiting Process
  • Effective and Inclusive Training Programs
  • Achievable and Well Prepared KPI’s
  • Harmony in the Office
  • Experienced Team Leaders/Trainers

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