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The summer has come to an end but we here at call management are as busy as ever. The acquisition of a major American client has set us up for a busy autumn and winter. During the last month we have been anticipating the multilingual demands of this client and our recruitment department has hired Yann, the newest member of our team. Yann boosts our team as he is fluent in French as well as English. We now have 5 nationalities here at Call Management including a core of Irish agents and I must say it is great to be part of such a multicultural office.

Yann will be a crucial part of our communications with the French market. He will be supporting customers through live chat, e-mail and over the phone.

“I’m happy to work with Call Management. This is a thrilling environment to work, and I would like to thank colleagues and management who are helpful and friendly.” – Yann

Welcome Yann!