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 How to Select the Right Call Centre?

Outsourcing the customer services of your company to a call centre is common place these days. It saves money, resources and time, it cuts overheads significantly also. When choosing a call centre to outsource to it is a good idea to find out what clients they deal with to see if they have experience in your sector. Testimonials and case studies are areas a company can find out further information on the contact centre.

Call centre specs

A call centre with multiple channels of communication such as live chat or email handling is valuable as they can deal with a higher volume of customers. An ISO accredited call centre is essential as they will have the policies and procedures in place regarding data protection and call standards. Other factors to consider when choosing a contact centre include:

• 24 by 7 support
• Emergency telephone answering service
• Experienced staff
• Track record


24 by 7 Support

Some call centres operate 27 by 7 hours a day or after hours, this is an additional perk. If your customer service needs to be carried out after hours due to peak times or time zone factors it is obviously the first thing you research when choosing a call centre. A contact centre with current 24 by 7 clients will give you piece of mind with regards their experience in this service.


Emergency Answering Service

Your business may require the handling of emergency calls. This means you will look for a contact centre with high standards, ISO certification and experience in the healthcare and/or pharmaceutical sector. Data protection and the use of secure web links is another area to examine when choosing a call centre to outsource emergency calls.


Experienced StaffPerfect Call Centre Agent

A call centre with a workforce experienced in a wide range of campaigns exhibits that they are flexible and knowledgeable in all aspects of customer centric behaviour. This means they will not require training and will get up to speed with your product/service quickly and professionally.


Track Record

When hiring a new staff member you will inevitably ask for a reference so why is it any different when choosing a call centre to outsource to? After all they will be your employee in a way. Researching for testimonials, case studies and awards is the most important way to gauge your compatibility with a call centre.

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