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Buying Tickets online: How to support your customers in the Travel and Leisure Industry?

When looking to book flights abroad or tickets to a concert event/sporting event customers tend to have some straightforward questions that can be easily answered through a live chat facility on your website. The travel & leisure industry has grown more and more into an e-commerce sector over the last decade and your customer service must evolve with it. With the explosion of smartphone use and Wi-Fi availability, having a helpline is no longer enough to truly reach everyone and/or make every sale.

Decisions, decisions…

The age of concert and sporting event goers is likely to be between 18 and 35. These large portions of the market want immediate answers to their inquiries and are great upselling opportunities. When trawling the web to find the best deal it may not always be the cheapest ticket sellers that win the sale, it may often be the first site that answers their unresolved question. Outsourcing live chat to a contact centre not only makes a new portal of communication available, it also makes your website more inviting and customer centric.

For Example:

Customer: “Hi I am unsure whether I will be able to go to this event but I want to buy a ticket before they are gone. How long is the                                                            refund time?”

Agent:       “Good afternoon sir, the maximum refund time is 3 days. Is that good for you?”

Customer: “I should know within three days whether I can go or not. That’s great!”

Agent:        “I’m glad to hear it. Simply call 1800 1234 XXX to refund the tickets within the next 72 hours. Do you require any extra assistance?”

Customer: “No. Thanks for your help”

Agent:         “Have a good day”


That little extra

A contact centre can also offer a SMS messaging service. This is a real bonus when it comes to customer satisfaction. According to a totango study 90% of all text messages are read within 3 minutes. It is the perfect tool to announce changes in times, public transport etc. Outsourcing this service means you need only write the message once and email it to the contact centre.

For Example:  Dear Marie. Thanks you for your booking at eventcompanyx on Friday 8 of August. Your booking reference is xgkiskff98. We look forward to seeing you.

A contact centre will take it from there and contact every customer individually via text message. This is a supremely important service to utilise.

Other channels to consider for your customer support requirements are: e-mail support, social media and telephone answering.


In the Travel & Leisure sector customers spend a lot of hard earned money and they expect service to match. If this is not accomplished, the client base in the market is not afraid to voice their displeasure.  Avoid these headaches by outsourcing to a BPO company such as a call centre so you can worry less about customer issues and more about the strategic plan of your business.