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Too many organisations neglect market research but then wonder why their promotions are diminishing. As Market Research can be a time-consuming process for an organisation a call centre can serve as an ideal vessel for Market Research.


The mining of customer data is second nature to any call centre. By using their CRM (customer relationship management) they are constantly gathering and updating customer information.

Another benefit of using a contact centre is experience; the mantra of any customer service agent is to be warm, welcoming and friendly. This indicates that the integration between Market Research and Contact Centres is seamless as the similarities are prominent regarding customer satisfaction.

The main areas of market research:

  • Database Management;
  • Mystery Shopping;
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys;
  • Market Analysis;
  • Competitor Analysis.

Advantages of Outsourcing Market Research

The time-saving aspect is the prime advantage of outsourcing Market Research to a call centre. It should be the first step for any business whether large or small. Defining the market and exploiting it through research is a method employed by various companies and individual entrepreneurs to ensure success over the years. These are the people who are leaders in their field.


Market Research campaigns generally require a large number of people to be contacted through qualitative or quantitative surveys. Call centres can also provide you with a dedicated phone number that increases the contact rate per campaign. This contact rate is higher in a call centre than anywhere else due to the experience of the staff and superior customer/product knowledge. Before starting a new campaign for a product or service, it is routine for the centre to familiarise their staff with the new product/service through training, research and learning the script of the client.


It increases the amount of data that can be mined and increases the accuracy. Policies and procedures are adhered to so data is more securely protected. A contact centre offers additional services such as email handling, live chat and an experienced workforce.


Choosing a Market Research agency with an in-house Contact Centre is the most logical option as the experienced customer-centric agents are tailor-made for projects like this, due to their adaptability, pleasant demeanour on the phone and contact rate.


Discovering customer trends and locating areas of improvement is what propels a business forward, so you should strive to go the extra mile and outsource Market Research services rather than sweeping them under the rug!


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