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Technical support can be defined as assistance for customers that are experiencing technical problems with electronic devices. A technical support team is a group of individuals that are familiar with the specific details of a device. With this knowledge, they are able to resolve most problems that a user experiences.

Information on how to reach technical support is usually provided with the packaged materials included with a device. Technical support may be provided over the phone, through email, or with a live chat interface.

The process usually consists of three tiers (I II and III). A tier 1 technical support team can he housed in a call centre to save you money, time and space while giving your company a comprehensive technical support channel.

multitier IT call centre

Tier 1

The calls received in tier one includes many end-user technical requirements encompassing a range of queries.

  • A large amount of these can be solved on the first call, without escalation.
  • They vary from assistance in handling simple problems to generic ‘how to’ questions.
  • Most Tier 1 issues are common FAQS, which are usually solved rapidly in a call centre environment.
  • Tier 1 technical support has a lot of similarities with customer service.
  • It is the first point of contact between you and your customer and therefore it is important that the consumer is met with an amiable agent who is well versed in phone service

Why Outsource Tier 1 technical support to a Call Center

First and foremost it is a big money saver. Secondly, call centre agents are extremely customer centric. They can greatly increase the volume of calls dealt with each day due to the fact that the agents are extremely educated when it comes to first call resolution, conflict resolution and etiquette over the phone.

Your company may have a policy where the call must be resolved in a maximum of 15 minutes, at which point it must be escalated or ended. The agents who work in call centres are well used to this kind of pressure due to the ISO and internal standards of the centre regarding average handling time etc.


Call centres are extremely tech savvy when it comes to hardware and software, as they’re used on a daily basis. The agents are also adaptable to unique situations through years of customer interactions. Escalating calls to the relevant bodies in your company i.e. tier 2 is no problem; every company a call centre deals with would require some sort of escalation occasionally. All Customer information gathered by Tier 1 will be automatically available to your escalation team.

Product Knowledge

When a call centre takes on a new client they immediately immerse the designated team in the specifications of the product. This may involve training or a trial period of monitoring. Call centres are adept at working from a script of your choosing and will follow the certain processes and procedures set out by your company. The constant usage of CRM makes every call centre agent comfortable with using databases and storing information also.


  • Call centres offer a number of perks that improve your service. One such perk is that they can raise all customer support tickets through your web portal to avoid duplication and to integrate our service with in-house solutions
  • Outsourcing tier 1 technical support to a call centre will allow you to house more tier 2 and 3 agents if needed
  • Call centres offer overflow cover when you are under pressure. This can also include holiday cover and/or lunch time cover
  • Their experience with email and live chat channels
  • All calls are recorded
  • Most offer 24 by 7 support


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