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I read two interesting articles recently, one headline read “Slow customer service costs you over $750 a year”, the other article had the headline “Customer Service Wait Times Could Be Costing Americans More than $100 Billion a Year”. It surprises me because… first, in general, a call center saves money, and secondly customer service is such an integral part of any business. It can be used as a form of market research, it can be a way of building relationships with customers but more importantly, it’s a way of serving the people that matter most to your company… the people who buy your product or service.


Choices for American Companies

One option for American companies is to export their customer services to Ireland. The relationship between America and Ireland has always been a close one, especially in the business sector. There are over 600 US businesses in Ireland who employ approximately 100,000 people. The reasons for this is the 12.5% corporation tax rate, one of the lowest in Europe, and the highly skilled, well-educated workforce.


Why is Ireland a Viable Option?

Ireland has some of the best contact centres internationally. Organisations such as the CCMA help maintain the highest standards in the customer service sector. We at Arema Connect have a modern call centre that accomplishes high-quality customer support every day. Due to the time zone differences, we operate 24/7 hours. We employ modern techniques such as live web chat and social media management as well as the traditional telephone answering services and email handling. I can honestly say that the working atmosphere is fantastic and this amiable vibe permeates to the customer so they leave feeling appreciated.

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