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 Why data protection is important in pharmacovigilance

Sensitive data will be shared by callers with your phramacovigilance team. Data protection needs to be at the forefront of an agents mind when receiving a pharmacovigilance call. From medical conditions to personal information, a lot of details will be collected during the conversation in order to increase a satisfactory solution and decide the best action to be taken. These private details need to be treated with the highest regard towards confidentiality. Patients with pharmacovigilance questions should be comfortable that their details are kept private; to do this they must trust your data protection procedures.

How a call centre can implement data protection

This is where an experienced call centre team has an advantage. They will be more familiar with the importance of personal health data. The policies and procedures of the call centre itself must include data protection rules and meet the ISO standards. The adherence to the processes and procedures in a timely and efficient manner play a key role during the practise of pharmacovigilance.

Techniques for pharmacovigilance data protection

  • Confirmation of details at the start of the call before proceeding
  • Accurate entry of information
  • Having an experienced team
  • Having excellent CRM systems in place
  • Informative and accurate notes being taken
  • Exhibiting a proven track record
  • Following policies and procedures
  • Completing and securely storing spontaneous report forms
  • Maintaining good lines of communication throughout your company
  • Regular communication between the company and call centre