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Why customer service is important?

If you watch old clips from the ’90s on ‘how you can improve customer service’, you will inevitably come across the term P.E.R.F.E.C.T it stands for Polite, Efficient, Respectful, Friendly, Enthusiastic, Cheerful and Tactful. It seems outdated but the central idea is still very much applicable today.  When a customer service agent picks up the phone they are essentially representing your company. You can track good external customer service to good internal relationships. A good atmosphere in the company is beneficial to the whole process because it filters down until it is the customer that is being valued in the same way.

Ten Tips to Improve your Customer Service

Customer Support Team

  1. A good working atmosphere– Customer service relies on leaving your problems at the door and treating each call like the first call of the day. Therefore, the office should be as stress-free as possible, which will create an amiable atmosphere.


  1. Training and Information access – The more knowledge that your customer care team possess, the higher the percentage of enquiries that are resolved positively on the first contact. This ensures customer satisfaction.


  1. Customer satisfaction surveys– These include questionnaires that can help you appraise the quality of interaction your agents have with customers.  Furthermore, it will help your team to improve their skills and provide them with better training.

Multi-channel Customer Support

  1. Handle multiple enquiries in customers terms– Customer service has evolved with technology and services such as live chat, social media and e-mail have increased the volume of customers a call centre can handle. Take advantage of these new channels to significantly decrease hold times and answer enquiries on the spot.


  1. Reduce enquiries by using your website and Social Media Platforms wisely– FAQ’s pages and content marketing – blogs, newsletters and case studies – improve the way you display and communicate with customers and answer frequently asked questions before reaching the contact centre. Social Media Channels allow your business to reply individual FAQ’s and share this with a larger community

Answering Customers Enquiries

  1. Active listening– Let them know they are being heard! It sends a bad message when there is dead air between you and the customer. A simple acknowledgement such as “okay” or “I understand” give the calls a less robotic and uncaring feel.


  1. Tone of voice– Studies show that communication is 55% body language, 38% tone of voice and only 7% the words you use. Keep it enthusiastic and friendly.


  1. Problem = Solution– A customer service representative must remain calm in the face of customer aggravation. Let them vent, acknowledge their problem and inform them of the actions that will be taken to resolve the problem. Nothing can be gained from back and forth arguing.


  1. Proactive response– Being willing to anticipate problems that a customer may face down the line.


  1. Go the extra mile– It costs nothing but the rewards are great. It is the foundation on which customer loyalty is built. Encourage it because it is these little factors that the customers remember most.


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