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The landscape of drug safety is ever changing to combat the threat of adverse drug effects. It is a campaign that requires constant monitoring because the only way major pharmaceutical companies can fully understand the drugs they provide is by obtaining patient feedback. This is achieved to best effect by setting up a helpline in a call centre. Over the last decade the advances in pharmaceutics has led to the production of more and more complex drugs and medicines. These advances have allowed a wider range of ailments to be treated; this means a wider range of patients and a higher demand on pharmacovigilance. Contact centres have to be employed to handle this demand because the mining of this patient feedback is the focal point of pharmacovigilance. Therefore, as the landscape continues to evolve, pharmaceutical representatives must keep well-informed on the subject at all times. That’s the advantage call centres have in the field, they are continuous information mining machines.

Patient Information Mined in a Call Centre

From a pharmacovigilance perspective data mining is a way of analysing valuable information regarding your patient. It’s a means of viewing your product from your their perspective and then summarising it to find possible adverse effects. This knowledge allows you to maximise your product safety. Your company really needs to know this as soon as possible.

A contact centre with a 24 by 7 patient care line means information is shared easier between both parties. This allows the data to be reviewed quicker which is vital when it comes to the health of patients. Because a call centre deals with customer enquiries and log information on a regular basis they have the ideal means to store information through CRM software.  A dedicated and experienced outsourcer cat be the difference between getting accurate information and not. Accuracy when data mining is absolutely crucial when it comes to adverse drug reactions. Pharmaceutical companies need to know quickly if there is a bad batch. Adverse events are critical, so regardless of how implausible the event it must be reported in case their drug is causing a reaction. If an adverse event is reported in Ireland it must be reported to every country in the world within 7 days, just in case it was a bad batch.

Pharmacovigilance process starts with Call Management