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Deciding on whether you should use an online survey or a telephone survey can be difficult. The affordability factor always plays a major role but cost alone should not be the determining factor when choosing between these two market research options. No matter which option you choose, they must be well written and conducted to high standards. They are great data mining tools and should be carried out in a professional manner.

Advantages of telephone surveys:

  • More detailed answers
  • There are fewer barriers to contend with. An online survey is easier to discard whereas the call is more personal
  • Telephone survey respondents are usually a more attentive audience than online survey respondents, this allows for more in-depth answers and more adaptability
  • Greater control of who does the surveys

Advantages of online surveys:

  • Less labour intensive and reduced cost when compared to telephone surveys
  • Convenience: the respondent can fill survey out anytime
  • You can make online surveys eye-catching and visually stimulating
  • The responder has more time to think about his/her answers
  • Projects can be completed faster

Which market research tool should I use?

There are many ways to research your market. If it is a customer satisfaction survey being implemented I would advise using telephone service as the overall strategy of the survey is better and more adaptable to change. Customers will take it more seriously when talking to a customer service agent instead of an online survey which is so easily ignored.  When it comes to market analysis and competitor analysis online market research works because you can cover more ground quicker and it is convenient.

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