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“If you’re not engaging customers during the entire product lifecycle through social media, you’re missing out, because someone else will.” –Dennis Stoutenburgh

The rise of social media

Social media has grown exponentially over the last decade. Estimates suggest that there are currently one billion Facebook users and 200 million Twitter users, so to say that there is another channel for customer service to use is a bit of an understatement. Despite these amazing numbers, social media is neglected by companies. In this day in age if a company’s Twitter or Facebook pages are not updated regularly customers can quickly grow impatient. They need the information now!

Why social media is important form of customer service?

Social media is a great way to reach a massive amount of people in one go and this builds a community in which your customers can interact. The fact that most of these social media sites have a maximum number of characters is revealing. It shows people want it snappy, direct and eye-catching, as a business you should bear this in mind when posting. There is a growing trend that customers voice their opinion on social media before they voice it anywhere else so keeping active on it is important.

A call centre can be proactive and anticipate issues as they arise which means they will be prepared for them which will help your business build customer loyalty. Customers love social media and outsourcing it greatly reduces the threat of social media neglect.

The Advantages of using social media for customer service

It’s fast. It’s an instantaneous way of handling an issue and as I mentioned earlier it reaches the masses in one swoop. Call centres can take advantage of this by solving issues quicker. Outsourcing to a contact centre that adopts social media into their process increases your contact rate dramatically.

Social media can also be personal. The nature of ‘tagging’ and utilising private messaging gives you another path to the customer.

It is relevant for a business to use a call centre for this because social media is an active channel that is constantly being observed, this means your message is seen swiftly. This helps when advertising job creation and also company news.

It shows your customers that you are modern and relevant.

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