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100% of SME’s looking for a call centre fall under 2 main categories:

Call Centre for Personal requirements

  • Maternity leave cover: Short term support with a short term contract
  • Holiday cover and sabbatical cover: You deserve a break. Enjoy quality time with your family and friends without affecting your business. Cover your employees’ holidays too.
  • Sickness and illness cover: Unregulated time off is impossible to manage, not to worry!!.

We will answer phone calls, FAQ’s and be part of your team till you get better.

Call Centre for Business requirements

  • Customer Care support: Your business is growing and you need extra help to answer your customer enquiries. 24 by 7 support available.
  • Promotional Campaign support: Ready to get more clients, doing a marketing campaign, advertising on radio or tv or print… we can supply ypou with a  24 by 7 New Lead Generation Line.
  • 24 by 7 Telephone Answering Service: Does your business need to be open all day and all night? Excellent idea to outsource your telephone answering service. Fraction of the cost of hiring new employees.
  • New website development: If you are launching a new website or eCommerce platform, it may be time to provide customer care 24 by 7 by phone, live chat an e-mail.
  •  Cost saving solution: Reduce cost by outsourcing your customer care requirements.
  •  Disaster Recovery: Flood, fire, bad weather… these calamities can affect your business. If your team is unable to access your office, you can divert your telephone line to us. We can be your overflow service too.

call centre for busy life personal and business requirements 
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