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Repeat buyers are a key target for ‘Back to School suppliers’. Children and parents can become your loyal customers for many years in a row during the education process. An accurate database, the right contact channels and a professional team can increase your sales this year.

The power of an updated database

It’s important for SME’s in the education sector to keep databases containing such information on who used the service last year and what classes they will be attending in September. This information can be used to target these repeat business prospects.


The right contact channel for the right Buyer

You can get in touch with people by different methods: text, phone, e-mail…

Text Message

Sending a text message to contact previous customers is a great way of personalising your customer service. Going this extra mile is what can separate you from the crowd. Going the extra mile costs little but the rewards are great. A loyal customer is the best customer.

Example Message

‘Hi Fiona,

SchoolSupplyCompany have all new deals for parents who bought from us last year. For your child’s new adventure into 2nd class use the code 1234 in store to get 10% discounts!

For any enquiries free-phone 1800 123 456 7xx.

Regards SchoolSupplyCompany.’

Call them

Outbound calls are another way of personalising your customer service. It is slightly more intrusive than text messaging but is more reliable with regards to getting a response/definitive answer.

Example Outbound Call Message

‘Hello this is Tom from SchoolSupplyCompany. I’m calling to inform you about a new deal we are currently running for customers that have shopped with us previously. Would you be interested in saving 10% on school supplies for your child?’

Telephone Answering Service

Customers will have questions that a call centre customer service team can take care of. These inbound calls would be a frequently asked questions service.

Example of FAQ’s

Can I get the supplies delivered to my home?
What are the methods of payment?
Do you sell 3rd level books?
Is the discount on all supplies?
Do you supply second hand books?

Live Chat: Selling on-line

If you are selling products on-line, live chat is a must have to increase sales and support customers on your website.

Example of FAQ’s online

How can I open an account?
Where could I find the 3rd level books?
Are my payments protected?

The right Team

A call centre can provide these services in a professional manner. Call centres generally have experience in this field and are a viable option as outsourcers. A call centre partner will support your in-house team and deal with the inbound and outbound demands.

To conclude, repeat customers are wide spread in the education sector and your business can capitalise on these potential leads. Your company can use text messaging and telephone calling to contact previous customers with a personalised message which shows that you go the extra mile for your customers. Furthermore, you can support your customers on-line and in their smart phones.