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It is common knowledge that:

“it is easier & less expensive to get repeat business from an existing customer than winning a new one”.

Satisfied customers will buy again from your company and at the same time recommend your services and products to friends and family.

With smartphones, internet and social media the value of a “satisfied customer” increases exponentially. The ability to share experiences with other users, family and friends provide brands with extra resources to increase brand awareness and potential sales.

For example…
Susan buys a new dress. She uses her facebook profile to “check in” the shop, she takes a photo and share it in instagram, pinterest, twitter and facebook. She gets feedback from family and friends. During the buying experience the Sales assistant offers her 10% discount which validates her decision to buy from that retailer. She is delighted to shared her positive experience with all her connections on her social media accounts and don’t forget the old fashioned ‘word of mouth’ grapevine.

Social Media Key facts to consider:

From a marketing & sales point of view, she is a great asset. She has shared her buying experience and promoted the brand through four different social media channels.

So, clearly she is sharing her experience with a lot of people. But the most important thing is… she is trusted by everyone hearing her message.

“Customer satisfaction is the new marketing”.

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