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It’s always important to understand your customers.

You must be able to put yourself in their shoes and view your product from their point of view. Market Research helps you to achieve this with real data.

Market Research to analyse the feasibility of your ideas

Many great ideas work on paper but until you get customer feedback, you won’t know if this  ‘great’ idea is flourishing or dead in the water. The anticipation of customer trends and mindsets enables large or small businesses to grow.

Market Research to target your customers

Data mining is a powerful market research tool that every business should utilise. Take a look at how companies use social media to perform data mining, to find out people’s age, gender, social group and much more. An effective market research analysis narrows their market down until they have a core group of potential customers to target. Data mining techniques allow for superior use of advertising and promotion.


Market Research is the key. You wouldn’t book a hotel room without first looking at the location and price. The more information you possess, the better you can optimise your strategy. This is crucial, especially for small businesses in today’s economic climate.


Market Research and customer feedback to improve processes

Examination of your internal and external customers gives your business opportunities to progress. The analysis of customer feedback using market research techniques can add value directly to your business without a big investment. At the end of the day when a customer complains, it is an exchange of valuable information on how your company can improve by fixing/dealing with the problem. It is important for small businesses to capture this information, analyse it and define strategies to improve your business. Market Research will allow your team to define a plan of action so, the following customers will not be affected by this issue in the future. When you add up all these little improvements the end result is substantial.


Good market research can be the difference between turning a small business from a ‘problem child’ to a ‘star’, to use a Boston Matrix term.

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