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“60% Internet users who will opt for mobile customer service applications as their first option, by 2015.”
Source: Gartner, Predicts 2014: Customer Support and the Engaged Enterprise.


Every day million of business are developing apps to support their customers, help them to buy product easier and increase their brand awareness.


Are you planning to develop an app to support your customers?

Apps are a great opportunity to improve your customer care offering.


Basic Information

Basic information can be displayed on the apps features: opening hours, store locations, products, social media profiles… All this information is static data and you can make it easily accessible to your clients.


Going an step forward – Contact Centre Integration

You can integrate your contact centre to support the more difficult questions.


  • – Phone from your app
  • – Chat from your app
  • – Email from your app


These three channels can be supported by your contact centre team. Users can initiate a phone call, a chat or send an email to your customer care team and get an instant answer on the same device.


Check with your app developer the options of integrating phone call, chat and email functionality and let us know if you would like us to become your app customer care team and/or support all your customer interactions (we are multi-channel contact centre!).