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A business website is an important tool as an additional revenue stream, customer support and creating brand awareness. Your website can demonstrate your service/products, answer customer questions at the point of sale. It is really important that the content stays fresh and updated in order to fulfil customer expectations. It is important to align your website information with your buyer’s information requirements. In order to enhance their experience, here are two tips to improve your Web Self Service and FAQ’s page.


How improve your Web Self Service and FAQ’s page?


1. Market Research

Ask your customers. What are their challenges of buying on your site? What information do they need to buy your products or services? What is it missing on your website?


2. Customer Care Representatives

Your customer care team is your buyers’ first point of contact. Your contact centre team will know what type of enquiries occur frequently. Gather feedback from your team and answer these extra questions on your site. If this information is well explained on your web, it will reduce calls for your team and enhance the buyer’s experience on-line.

Arema Connect are specialist in the Market Research and Customer Care arena. We merge market research with our contact centre services, providing excellent customer care and collecting valuable data at the same time. We can help you improve your web self-service facilities and FAQ’s page. 

Three steps to improve your Web Self Service and FAQ’s page:


1. Website testing

Through this market research activity, we will analyse your website from your customer’s point of view. A customer profile will be provided to the agreed number of “shoppers” to perform on your website (i.e. buy a product, ask for information, check opening hours of a specific store).

Every task will be recorded and feedback gathered after every interaction. A final report will be presented highlighting improvements and customers’ challenges.


2.  Outsource your customer care to us

Divert your phone lines and e-mails to our contact centre. We will provide you with a dedicated team to implement your Customer Care Charter. If you are thinking of outsourcing your customer care requirements and providing longer opening hours, we can become your long-term customer care team.


3. Perform Market Research on Inbound Calls

The calls and e-mails received by our customer care team will be analysed in order to detect question trends and difficulties found on your website. An agreed number of questions will be included on the script in order to capture feedback and relevant data. This information will be analysed and a detailed report created to improve your web self-service and FAQ’s page.


For more information please contact us, Call us now at +44289 57 57 275 (UK) / +35321 482 4300 or email to discuss your requirements with us.

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