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New exporters may think that the exporting adventure will require a large investment of time and money. But you can establish your presence in a new market quickly without a big investment. To be truly successful in a new market, you will need to research the chosen market and there are some things that you can do to make your entry credible and reassure your customers and suppliers.

New market Phone numbers

There are local phone numbers, non-geographical phones numbers, country-specific numbers, free phone numbers. It all things are equal, customers will purchase from a local supplier so a local number is vital.

New Market Business Address

If you are selling services or goods that don’t need to be purchased in a retail store, potential customers may find themselves wondering “what happens if something goes wrong?”. Buyers will feel more confident doing business with you if you are located in the same market. A virtual business mailing address is relatively inexpensive and will reassure your customers.

Customer Care team: 24 by 7 support on a 365 day per year basis is the goal.

Outsourcing your customer care support service to a local provider will allow you to eliminate cultural proximity to buyers, same language and accent, 24 by 7 support and much more.

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