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Europe has a population of 739.2 million (2011) and it is the third-most populous continent after Asia and Africa. The population is a key element to consider while selecting your export to new markets strategy; however, it is not the only one. Culture and Language are also parameters to review.

The route to market Europe is a difficult one due to the diversity of culture, language and the sheer size of the marketplace. For this reason, American businesses normally target the United Kingdom and Ireland during the pilot stage and expand to other European countries over time.
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Ireland and the United Kingdom are two different countries, here is a flavour of the challenges.

  • Language: Both speak English. This is an excellent starting point for American businesses.
  • Currency: Ireland uses Euros (€) where as the United Kingdom uses their own currency Pound Sterling (£). If you are planning to export to the rest of Europe, an Irish base may be advantageous as the Euro is the “Common European currency”
  • Size of the market: Ireland has a population of 5 million versus 64 million in the United Kingdom.
  • Time Zone: The United Kingdom and Ireland have the same business opening hours.

Partnering with a well-established Outsourcing partner can assist you in alleviating the various hurdles in establishing your company in the chosen market.
Factors worth considering when choosing a reputable Outsourcing Partner include:

  • Well established company in Ireland/UK: Cultural differences will be overcome as they will be operating in the marketplace.
  • Outsourcing Partner with a 24 by 7 Operation: due to the time difference between America & Europe it is essential to have a continuous seamless, communication flow.
  • ISO Certification & Adherence to Data Protection Laws: Customer confidentiality, data security & storage are essential when choosing an ‘Outsourcing Partner’
  • Experienced in your sector: Every company has a Unique Selling Point but it is advantageous to work with a partner that has a knowledge of the sector with a dedicated team able to add value in your chosen market.

Arema Connect is currently working with American companies that operate in the European marketplace.

The services we offer depends on the level of support our clients require such as a business mailing address, corporate telephone answering service, European phone numbers and/or customer service e-mail handling facilities.

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