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Pat Keogh is the CEO of Arema Connect and we picked his brain about market research and its importance in everyday business. Here is what Pat said:

Please explain your experience with Market Research?

I graduated from University College Cork in 1992 with a Commerce Degree, majoring in Marketing & Management. I have always been interested in psychology and trying to understand human behaviour. I believe market research is a statistical tool that allows a company to measure key elements.

I set up Call Management (Arema Connect) over 13 years ago and we have conducted numerous research projects for a diverse range of companies. The exciting part is the unpredictable nature of responses and no matter how small or large the sample surveyed, trends will always develop. Hidden amongst everything is a nugget of information that the company wasn’t expecting and this validates our expenditure.
Arema Connect has conducted, designed, formulated & executed various projects including niche market identification, feasibility studies on new products, export growth potential, customer care surveys for existing clients.

I take a keen interest in these projects as I enjoy them and seeing the results

Define “market research” in 10 words?

Market Research allows your company to make informed decisions & plan for the future.

Why is market research important in your job (CEO)?

As the CEO of Arema Connect the future growth and development of our company is vitally important to me. It is highly relevant for my role to take informed decisions on an on-going basis.

Market Research plays an integral part in virtually all of our business decisions, whether we are sourcing new suppliers, developing our service/product range, researching new international markets and potential new client sectors.

The internet has made researching a very useful tool when preparing quotations for potential clients. We can present a customised CRM proposal based on their on-line presence. We can develop a greater understanding of their company philosophy, their market sector amongst other factors.

Consciously or subconsciously market research is used on a daily basis when making informed decisions and it is playing a greater role now as the research is far more accessible and affordable.

Explain in 10 words why you would outsource your market research requirements to Arema Connect?

Trustworthy, well-established company with a focus on delivering quality based solutions

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