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There are numerous business case & logical reasons to choose an Irish company as your outsourcing partner.

If your company wants to explore the opportunities in the wider European market, Ireland is a fantastic location to use as a base. The first obvious benefit is that we speak the same language and English is commonly used as a business language all over Europe. There are numerous high-quality Multi-Lingual contact centres situated in Ireland and the quality of our staff is comparable to anyone.

The Outsourcing Market Sector has invested heavily over the last 17 years in forging links with third level institutions so that we have access to the brightest and best. We are continuously investing in Research & Development so that we have access to the latest technology advancements and can integrate into our existing systems.

Why outsource to Ireland? Practical Level

On a more practical level, Ireland has a world-class airport in Dublin with easy access to all major European cities and there are daily direct flights to and from the USA. We have reasonably priced hotels with high-speed internet freely available in all business major cities.


Why outsource to Ireland? Human Level

On a more human level, the Irish are respected the world over as being good workers and easy to form a relationship with. The Irish accent is recognised as friendly, professional, warm & reassuring so it is easy to understand why there are so many Outsourcing companies based in Ireland specialising in the Customer Relationship Management field.

Ireland has a lot going for it at the moment, we are well established in the European Union, we have a well-educated workforce with multilingual and technological capabilities, we are supported by the Irish government in relation to job creation and development for the future. The outsourcing industry in Ireland operates 24 by 7 so whether you are based on the East or West coast we are always available to speak to you in your own language.


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