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Selecting the right contact channels is a key element in order to enhance the buyers’ experience and increase benefits.
The selection of the right contact channels is determined by your business personality and your business sector.

Contact Centre channels aligned with Business Value Proposition
Businesses may choose to present themselves as technical innovators or customer focused. Your company’s philosophy will determine the service level and channels used. Businesses that are offering technological innovations & online sales support may consider live chat & e-mail support channels. Mature markets where the client base is well established then the traditional telephone support channel would be preferred.

There are so many factors to consider when choosing whether to offer a full suite of channels or concentrate on delivering ‘Best in Class’ support in one channel.
If your client base is younger and technologically savvy then live chat, e-mail handling & social media mediums may deliver the best results.

It is important to realise they are not in competition with each other and you can always scale the services over time and depending on the lifecycle of your products & company choose a strategy that works best for you and your client base.

Contact Centre Channels: Person vs. Technology

Contact Centre Channels aligned with your Business Sector

Historically, we can differentiate the channels selected base on business sectors.
There are sectors that need the ‘Human Interaction’ approach such as health, public sector and the finance sector. A 24 by 7 telephone support channel would be preferred when dealing with sensitive information as it is essential to empathise and reassure your callers. This can be difficult to do by e-mail or live chat.
Data protection is still an issue for some business sectors and your clients may be more willing to share information over the phone.
On the other hand, on-line retailers, utility companies & e-commerce/e-businesses are tailor made for web-based software solutions such as e-mail, live chat & video calls. Their client base are already on the internet and clicking on a button for customer support is faster, more efficient and some customers prefer to on-line support as it is more suitable to their lifestyle.

To discover what channels fit better with your business sector, visit our sectors page

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