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Customer satisfaction can be extremely a useful tool for lead generation. Referrals are a key contributing factor to the success of all companies. A recommendation from a satisfied client is worth more than a thousand ads on tv, radio or print media. In the last few years, Social media platforms have also become a key channel to consider with positive or negative influencers.

Customer Satisfaction and Social Media

Social Media Channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and Instagram are free of charge and anyone can create a profile with relative ease and make contact with old and new friends within minutes. The average Facebook user has 190 contacts. This number means that one bad experience published on Facebook can potentially be detrimental to your business.

A good experience tweeted or shared with friends on Facebook will increase sales for your company as the recommendation is coming from a trusted source.

Satisfied customers can become your best salespeople. Discover how to have satisfied customers by incorporating customer support as part of your sales process.

How to Improve sales by delivering the best in class customer service plan? – Download the Whitepaper

how improve sales by delivering the best in class customer service plan whitepaper