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The past few months here at Arema Connect have been very exciting. We have expanded our contact centre and market research teams to include five more members, spanning the departments of inbound calls, outbound calls, medical clients, motor clients and also the market research department.
Let’s meet our new team members!

Market Research channels and Market Research Agency Facilities

Contact Centre Team

Sarah joined in December 2013 where she was completing database management for one of our clients. Sarah now focuses on the inbound calls relating to the medical clients that we have. This results in better public health, due to increased screening for various medical conditions.

Geraldine joined the team in January 2014. Her work focuses mainly on inbound calls for shared services. This means her day can vary from working with solicitors to computer repairs companies, to dental practices.

Jackie started March in the area of market research and has recently begun working as part of the medical inbound calls team. Jackie assists the public with appointments for screenings to help improve public health.

Market Research Team

Julianne joined us in February, as part of our Motor and Marketing teams. Julianne spends the majority of her time completing market research on behalf of a major motor company in Ireland. She is also working on the marketing team.

Maeve began working in March on both inbound and outbound calls. She has also completed some market research for various clients, included home heating and food services companies. She also recently began working as part of the marketing team.

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It is going to be a busy few weeks at Arema Connect, as we have successfully acquired new contracts in the medical and retail sector. This will mean more members joining our team, you can send us your cv to