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As part of our themed months, Arema Connect is delighted to present April as our creativity Month and once again we are preparing activities for everyone in our Contact Centre and Market Research departments to partake in. Last month March was our Green Month and you can read about it here.

Why Creativity is important for our Contact Centre and Market Research departments?

For the month of April, we will be focusing on encouraging our staff to think outside the box as part of a self-improvement initiative.

Early this year our staff completed a workforce Staff Satisfaction Survey. We were delighted with the results but here at Arema Connect we realise that training is an investment in our business. The dynamics of the workforce are changing and one of the challenges for companies is to retain their best talent.

Using different motivational tools will help build a better work environment for everyone. Creative activities will help build staff morale by keeping things energised and fresh.

  • Autonomous learning encourages staff to become more motivated and seek answers to everyday issues.
  • Motivation is a key to happy and efficient employees.
  • Knowledge motivates and encourages them to be more productive.
  • It also ensures that projects run smoother and deadlines are met.

Investing time in our staff shows that we appreciate them, and appreciated staff, are happy staff.

Creative activities for April

We want to encourage new ideas and flexibility in thinking and one way to do this is to have fun in the office. We aim to have a month of inspired ideas and creativity.

Activities for April in Arema Connect

  • Cork Lifelong learning festival for further information Click Here
  • Creativity in Easter
  • Creative recycling activities
  • Creative Story writing workshop
  • Think outside the box contest

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