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Market Research is defined as the action or activity of gathering information about consumers’ needs and preferences.

On the other hand, Contact Centres gather information about consumers’ needs and preferences all the time.

Businesses that align their contact centre team with their market research requirements can collect valuable data on an on-going basis.

How to survey your customers and potential customers through your contact centre?

  • Create scripts that are aligned with the market research objectives
  • Use interactive scripts which focus on customer satisfaction
  • Explain the importance of customer profiling to your contact centre team
  • Record all answers provided by the customer and set up a communication channel
  • Compile all surveys completed
  • Analyse data and use the information to improve your services, products and team.

See the following example:

Our agent is gathering valuable information for the sales team & marketing team. Plus when the sales team contact the customer they are able to tailor the pitch to their requirements.

Using this call and others, our market research team will be able to learn:

  • % of call received from new clients
  • % of enquiries for different services
  • % of enquiries from each sector
  • % of enquiries from each source

This key information will help our management team better understand trends in the marketplace, learn about competitors, capture what marketing techniques are most effective and which advertising mediums are delivering the best ROI.

The integration of contact centre and market research will help your company to make wiser decisions supported by quantitative data.

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