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Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) Mis-selling support line

Arema Connect’s client, (formerly known as Call Management) are one of the largest PPI companies in the UK. In 2011 they entered the Irish market but chose not to commit to a long-term strategy until they had run a pilot project to establish the viability of the Irish market.


Their core business is applying to the banks for refunds on mis-sold insurance protection policies. Our client’s are highly customer focused. The industry is heavily regulated and every aspect of their business is audited. It’s ensured that proper procedures are followed in perpetuity. We are currently providing them with the following Contact Centre services

    • Business Mailing Address
    • Freephone 1800 number
    • Brochure Storage & Fulfilment
    • Dedicated Telephone Answering Service (24 by 7)
    • Dedicated Live Chat Customer Support Service (24 by 7)
    • Administration Works. An assigned agent solely responsible on a full-time basis to deal with the banks, financial regulator, head office in the UK and clients.
    • Outbound Customer Care Service
    • Administrative Job


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