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Megan Friel Social Media and PR manager

Please introduce yourself?

Megan Friel (Public Relations/Social Media Co-ordinator). Check Megan linkedin profile

Choose one word to define yourself:


Define “telephone answering service” in 10 words?

Professional service that handles and processes inbound and outbound calls.

Why would you outsource your customer care?

I would outsource my customer care requirements as it would allow me to focus on carrying out core value-adding activities in-house. I could make the most out of my PR/Social Media campaigns as I would not have to spend precious time hiring new staff, training the staff etc.

If I am expecting a large volume of calls or a high influx of difficult queries via social media over a short period of time due to press/media, I can outsource my calls, provide them with the relevant information on the campaign and I know my calls will be handled in a professional manner at a reduced cost.
Contact centres could provide support for all types of PR and Social Media campaigns, they can support all types of communication be it through inbound or outbound.

Why would you choose telephone answering service as your main customer care service over other channels such as e-mail, live chat or social media?

Communication with customers is one of the most important aspects of creating strong relationships with them and a telephone answering service can help increase customer satisfaction. By taking the personal approach and offering them an easy way to contact we can go a long way to satisfying the people we deal with. I can also analyse my ROI by looking at the number of calls the contact centre received while a particular campaign was running

Explain in 10 words why you would outsource your telephone answering service to Arema Connect?

ISO certified contact centre that provides cost effective quality based solutions

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