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What’s the difference between Contact Centre and Market Research/Knowledge Centre?

For most people, a contact centre is viewed as a customer service essential and is an expense. However, it also offers a valuable opportunity. Your customer care team will know of problems well before the sales & marketing team as they are on the ‘Frontline’ dealing directly with your clients.

If you have the correct communications channels in place, you can ‘Mine’ valuable data for your company in relation to customer profiling, potential opportunities and also pro-active product recall steps.

Thinking of the contact centre as a knowledge centre can provide your company with valuable market research data from existing users. Your contact centre is a complimentary branch of your market research department as they are capturing valuable data from existing users on a daily basis and can highlight what clients are saying about the product and service. Social Media Monitoring is very important as customers are able to tell a business exactly what they think and feel about their business instantly. benefits of contact centre and market research integration

This insight gives businesses the ability to constantly improve and be inspired to create new products and designs which reflect customer needs and wants. The Market Research/contact centre can not only help businesses discover how their products and services are being used, but it can also help to build thought leadership marketing campaigns using actual market insight.

Having access to accurate information is obviously at the heart of managing a successful contact centre.

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