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Arema Connect / Call Management had a very busy and outstanding 2013. Our employees are our biggest asset so as part of our annual review; we have commissioned our yearly Employee Satisfaction Survey.

86% of our employees participated in this survey.

The main findings were:

94% of our employees are satisfied with the new layout in our office.

As part of our growth strategy, we redesigned our office and updated our work area. 2013 brought us new desks, comfortable chairs, a bigger canteen and 55% of our computers were renewed.

95% of our employees are satisfied with their job

Here in Call Management we also do our very best to make sure our staff are happy in their job role and our aim is to allow equal opportunities to advance within the business. Loyal employees stay longer, resist competitive job offers, do not actively look for other employment and recommend the company to others as a good place to work therefore finding out how our employees feel is very important to us.

97% are happy with their working hours

Our offices are open 24 by 7 so we try to accommodate our working conditions to personal situations. The hours are based on shift work and we try to accommodate everyone by offering set shifts where possible. We also rotate the weekend shifts to make sure our employees have plenty of weekends off. Ensuring our employees are happy with their working hours means our overall team is more productive and this is very important to the success of the business.

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