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Interview with Nuala Keogh, Financial Director of Key Answering System (Call Management and Arema Connect).


Please introduce yourself?

Management accountant with 15 years experience working in finance.


Choose one word to define yourself:


(Paying attention to the small details can help the bigger issues run more smoothly)


Define “telephone answering service” in 10 words?

A professional service that enables companies to outsource their receptionist/telephonist services, so they can concentrate on their core areas of work.


Why would you outsource your customer care?

Customer Care is a vital part of every enterprise’s success. Demonstrating to your customers that they are important, as it is their opinion after the transaction has closed is a key way to ensuring that your company can develop long-lasting relationships with its customers.


Why would you choose telephone answering service as your main customer care service over other channels such as e-mail, live chat or social media?

Because interacting with a human voice is still the preferred means of communication for many people. Much more than words can be used to communicate over the phone such as a friendly tone of voice, empathy and a willingness to find a solution especially first call resolution for technical support.


Explain in 10 words why you would outsource your telephone answering service to Arema Connect?

To let the experts handle your initial contact with customers.