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Social media platforms are here to stay and all businesses, especially online retailers, need to have a customer support structure in place to deal with incoming queries. Customer loyalty and customer support are more important than ever due to the new digital age. More than ever before organisations need to protect your brand, company image and reputation.

A satisfied client who shares their experience on social media platforms is more credible than any ad or marketing effort.

Great customer service can be achieved in one or more of the following purchase steps:

Purchase Steps and customer Care requirements

Customers Pre–Sale Market Research: People now research their options prior to purchasing by checking review sites, analysing the pros and cons for each competing brand and suppliers. If your company has 24 by 7 information line, live chat function or e-mail support service in place, it results in a great first impression and makes their decision making easier.

Purchase Experience: Sales lines and sales team are key elements during the purchase. The marketing team should support the buying process by providing material and up to date information to the sales team. Sales can be supported through sales phone line, live chat and face to face contact.

Functionality of the product: Customer empathy is very important, they may have purchased a product that needs technical support and it can be frustrating if the user guide and support material are not easy to understand.

Online or Agent level technical support will improve your customer’s perception and satisfaction. The best option is to provide a telephone technical support line or live chat option. Customers searching for support in relation to the functionality of the product want to have a real-time interaction to solve their enquiry now and on the spot.

After sales service: This is the most crucial element as if defines you as a company. The Aftersales support team answer questions your customer may have. The After Sales customer care team usually deal with enquiries that were not asked by the purchaser during the previous purchase steps.

  • The team answer questions related to how they get started with the product, warranty issues, guarantees and account issues;
  • The team also have the opportunity to up-sell products and services. Customers expect to be able to contact your after sales team from all channels including – e-mail, live chat, phone and social media.


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