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Our client

Our client is operating in the domestic market (Ireland) and internationally. They operate exclusively in the Sporting Event Management Arena.

They currently have over 1 million members worldwide.


Project Overview – What Arema Connect do for our client

At Arema Connect we provide an inbound telephone sales and support line, an outbound telephone line for payments and on-line e-mail handling service for members and general enquiries.

The duties we carry out are as follows:

1) Online ticket sales
2) E-mail Handling
3) Outbound calls for laser/credit card payments
4) Inbound sales and support line


Telephone Answering Process

We provide our client with a dedicated number and it is routed directly to their dedicated team within our contact centre.
We answer the phone and introduce ourselves and then identify the nature of their query.

“Good Morning/ Afternoon/Evening “client name”, Rose speaking, how May I help you?”


Once we identify the caller’s query, whether it’s a general query, purchase of tickets or updates we follow the necessary procedure.

E-mail Handling Process

We have dedicated agents that deal with any online queries we would get on a daily basis. Their duties would be to answer and resolve any queries that the customer would present to them via email and follow the procedure as outlined by our client.

Future Growth

Arema Connect has developed a very strong relationship with our client over the last 3 years. We would expect future growth from this client based on their philosophy of outsourcing to preferred suppliers. We are currently in discussions to host a Live Chat function in 2014 and there are opportunities for us to develop our outbound capabilities in conjunction with database cleaning, updating and continuous management.