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Your clients usually contact your team to find a suitable answer to enquiries about your products or services. But how do they contact you?

The first thing that they will do is check what contact channels are you offering, and then they will select one. But imagine that you were offering all of them: telephone answering service, e-mail handling, live chat, social media, apps support and sms. Which one will they choose?

Subconsciously people choose the solution that implies a lower effort in relation with a satisfactory result. We review our options and select the one that implies a lower cognitive effort, lower time, and reduced physical and emotional involvement.


Cognitive Effort

It is related to the “thinking” process required to handle an enquiry.

For example, from a cognitive effort, I will choose the phone over e-mail in order to solve an enquiry in relation to fixing my Internet connection. I will be able to troubleshoot while the operator is on the line. This requires a lower cognitive effort. See the Arema Connect services available for IT Sector.


Time Effort

How fast do I need my answer? Some channels are by definition faster than others. Live Chat and Telephone answering services provide instant replies. Clients usually accept a 24 hours response level when contacting companies by e-mail.

So, if I am in the middle of buying a product online and I have a question, I would choose the live chat function. It is convenient as I am already on their website. See the Arema Connect services available for e-Business Sector.


Physical Effort

The easy access to mobile phones and smartphones reduces the physical effort for customers and can provide satisfactory replies.

For example, if I need to know the opening hours or I want to receive confirmation of my booking, SMS is the best option. Instant reward & minimal effort. See the Arema Connect services available for leisure companies.

Providing your customer with the correct channels is a key element for the success of your customer care support service. Contact us and we can recommend the best solution for your company.