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Call Management & Arema Connect Awards….The Winner is….

We held our annual awards last Friday night and a great night was had by all.

Arema Connect team 2013
We had a great turnout at our staff party and the winners of the internal awards were also announced.

The winners for each category (nominated by colleagues) were:

Biggest Contributor- Kay Sheahan
“Kay is very positive; she has brought a lot of energy and skill to the company”

Best Newcomer – Martina Mahony
“ Martina is a lovely person, only recently joined our time and has fitted in very well”

Baby’s Bottom – Roz Norman
“No matter what Roz will always talk her way out of a potentially damaging situation, she has fantastic skills.

Happy Camper – Eileen Galvin
“Eileen never fails to have a smile on her face no matter how difficult her day is.”

Biggest Team Player – Megan Friel
“Megan is a fantastic team player and always makes time for the DoneDealers.”

We would like to Congratulate everyone!