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Telephone Answering Service is not for all market sectors.

For example, a company that requires complex technical customer support will need a dedicated customer care team.

What criteria should you consider when choosing a telephone answering service or a dedicated customer care team?

Telephone Answering Services are designed to answer callers FAQ’s and take messages or escalate callers to your in-house team (engineers and account managers).

Dedicated Customer Support Team provides a higher tier of support. They are dedicated to your company and will need to be trained on every aspect of your business. They need to understand and be part of your company’s philosophy and understand your culture and objectives.

Enquiries such as payments, IT support, claims and complaints will be resolved on first call resolution.

To decide which one you need, it is worth considering the following questions?

Telephone Answering Service Dedicated Team
Can your callers’ enquiries be resolved by using a FAQ procedure? YES NO
Is your call duration lower than 2 minutes? YES NO
Is Basic training enough? YES NO

Is your call volume lower than 50 calls per day?


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