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Some contact centre gurus appointed years ago that the traditional telephone as customer contact point will disappear. Currently, we are seeing a completely different situation. Calls volumes are increasing at the same time so is the call duration.

An analysis of the typology of calls received by our Contact Centre in 2013 had revealed that the call duration has increased due the complexity of the enquiries received. Users are becoming savvier while finding typical FAQ’s online or using alternative channels, and they start to turn to the phone channels to solve enquiries that require a higher level of expertise.

These findings are helping our clients to design more accurate customer care paths using a multi-channel approach. They are integrating live chat, e-mail handling, social media and telephone answering services as part of their Customer Care channels.

The benefits of aligning the information access through different channels increase the volume of first “enquiry” resolution and at the same time the satisfaction levels of customers. For example, our shared service team can manage various live chat accounts easily by answering the FAQ’s presented while the same client can benefit from a dedicated team answering its phone lines.

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