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Customer care for all companies is composed of primarily three key elements: people, process and technology.

Key elements for good customer care

People: Customers contact your customer care centre mainly for one reason: they cannot solve their problem by themselves. Hence, they want someone else to solve it for them. This someone else will be your internal or external team. Customers expect to find a quick solution explained in an easy and friendly way. Recruiting the right team, training them and providing them with a nice work environment will increase customer satisfaction.

Process: This should be analysed and optimised on a regular basis. Customers want an easy and quick process to solve their enquiries. This process is continuously evolving and should incorporate every aspect of your customer care mission statement such as speed of reply, clear process on action to be taken by your customer care team, escalation procedure and follow up customer feedback report.

Technology: Multi-channel support is becoming the norm for most business sectors. Customers have a broad range of channels to contact you (phone, e-mail, live chat & social media)
Ideally, you need to have the technology in place to integrate all channels so that you have a uniform consistent interactive customer care system in place.

Having the right people, the right process and the right technology, you will have happy customers.