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A contact centre is an operation which was designed to handle high volumes of phone calls. However more recently through the evolution of the contact centre model, many now offer additional support and are able to answer queries by email, phone, live chat, and via social media.

There are a lot of benefits of using a contact centre and their services: 

Added Value

Often call volumes become too much for a company to handle, so it may be necessary to think of multi-channel support. 24-by-7 support could become your company’s Unique Selling Point (USP) and allow your potential clients to contact you via e-mail and/or live chat will improve their buying experience.

A contact centre agent can easily handle the call efficiently and promptly. With up-to-date information, the customer can get an answer to their question in a matter of minutes.

Cost Saving

Contact centres employ their own staff, taking care of all the overheads and the pricing model is very transparent with a cost per call or per minute being the most common pricing structure.

Outsourcing to a contact centre will allow you to concentrate on core aspects of your business in the knowledge that your CRM needs are being supported by a professional outsourcing team.

Adapting to a Changing Environment

Contact centres are, by their very nature, adaptable and geared to keep up with changing fashions and trends. There are few customers who can be left unmoved by contact with a vibrant and completely up-to-date company.

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