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“Two weeks ago I found a great bargain on a deal site. It was the perfect break away, the perfect dates, extremely good value and all of the photos looked lovely!

It was perfect timing as my 10th Wedding Anniversary was coming up and I wanted to pamper myself (oh! and my partner)

It was not a pleasant experience.  As I went through the purchasing process, I realised that my “perfect dates” seemed to change as I clicked from one page to another. I was exposing myself to buying a holiday package that I didn’t want. To make it worse all I could see was the expiry time going down and down on the page: 1 hour 30 min, 1 hour 29 min…

I searched the “contact us” page for a phone number, however, I couldn’t find one, only a cold web form and an e-mail address. Will they get back to me on time? 1 hour 27 min…

So eventually I gave up.

This story repeats itself thousands of times on the net.

Companies invest heavily in their websites, SEO, Usability, web linking, Adwords… and much more. A lot of hard work and effort is put into navigating users to a website but they forget the most important part:

Help the user find the correct information and make sure their purchasing experience is a good one.


So, I am not surprised when recent surveys say that “9 out of 10 customers want support while online”. Websites should be treated as virtual shops, so they require virtual shopping assistants.


How do you bridge the gap between customer expectations & on-line sales?


Live Chat is an ideal channel as it is instantaneous and user-friendly as the icon is on your website. Discover how you can use live chat on your web.