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Managing growth and maintaining standards of service can be very challenging as the customer base grows. A small retailer with relatively low online sales volumes is probably great on customer service. But as sales volumes rise, customer service becomes more complicated. More transactions will inevitably mean more customer queries via e-mail and telephone. But here’s the thing. Despite the rising sales volumes, the Business may not have the resources to grow its customer service operation. As a result, e-mails remain unanswered for days rather than hours and customers are often unable to get through on the phone.

This is often a problem for fast-growing businesses. A customer that has a bad experience will more than likely choose another retailer next time. The upshot is that a spike in sales can be followed by a sharp drop if businesses are unable to maintain a service offering. It’s not a problem that’s limited to small and medium sized companies. The big brands invest heavily in contact centre’s, but even they sometimes struggle to answer calls and e-mails within an acceptable timeframe.

If your business is experiencing rapid growth and customer relations is a significant concern then you might consider multi-channel support rather than single channel.  E-commerce companies in our experience need on-line support through live chat and e-mail; plus the old-fashioned phone line.

We have found that Live chat is probably the most cost-effective way to deal with customer inquiries because agents can talk to several customers simultaneously. By moving queries from e-mail and phone to engagement via chat you maximise the number of customers who can be dealt with each day.

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