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The location of contact centres is becoming increasingly dispersed with countries all over the world becoming far more popular for a variety of reasons. Of course, when choosing a contact centre based on location there are many factors that need to be considered.

Many years ago, India would have been the first destination of choice for overseas contact centres. With the increasing importance of customer service and the fact that consumers are now far more demanding and expecting better service, companies are realising that a contact centre plays a key role in a company or brand image. The contact centre is a vital part of the customer journey and businesses must recognise this.

Some people may ask if it is better to outsource to a contact centre in the UK or abroad. By outsourcing to a call centre in the UK you share language and cultural values. Technologies are first class and there is a good talented workforce. There is no language barrier, travel is easy and costs are generally low. Both the UK and overseas have valuable merits; however, outsourcing to contact centres in the UK is good on a number of levels including investing in a UK company and providing employment for UK workers.

Clients can visit the contact centres, without the long-haul flights. You can meet and train the team representing their brand. There are no time zone differences, business practice differences and you don’t have to immerse yourselves in a different culture.

It is always beneficial to support your own economy and internal workforce. In this case, where everything from the infrastructure to the talented workers, cultural values and language skills are readily available, the UK is definitely worth considering when making an outsourcing decision.

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