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“The Customer is the king” – we all know that. Without customers, businesses would not exist and by satisfying their needs you will increase sales.

Why does the King contact your company?

There are three key motivators. By understanding these, you will increase your benefits and boost your sales. They are:

1.       Information Request

Answering an information request in a positive way is a win-win situation. A potential customer has already detected a need, discovered how to solve it and decided that your company may be the solution provider. So, if you provide the correct answer in a timely manner, you will increase your sales.

The enquiry of this person could be related to:

  • Discover more about your product or service
  • Learn about your prices
  • Request a meeting
  • Request a catalogue

Your internal or external team should have a basic knowledge of your company in order to satisfy initial enquiries and pass potential customers to the second level: Purchase level.

Every time that you are unable to answer your phone, an e-mail, a live chat or a social media interaction, you are losing out on the opportunity to increase your sales.

2.       Purchase

It is impossible to increase sales without a purchase process.

Your team should be aware of potential clients’ motivations and have a vast knowledge of processes and features. The important thing is to close the transaction and make the process as simple as possible showing professionalism.

3.       Post Sale Enquiries

Customer care should be present since the “potential customer” decides to obtain more information. However, it is paramount after the sale is done. Post sale enquiries could vary accordingly based on the sector and the type of product or service.

The most common are related to:

  • Technical assistance
  • Claims and complaints
  • Up selling

Companies that assist customers and potential customers during all the purchase process are a step ahead and will become big players in the industry. Keep in mind that the KING has the power… so long live the King!

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