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Every customer is unique for your company; however, from a customer care point of view they can be grouped according to their types of enquiries.

The main types of enquiries are:

Technical Support: A client who is looking for technical support wants to resolve their issue on a first-call resolution basis. In order to increase the rate of first call resolution, companies can tier support levels accordingly and this will be based on the difficulty of the enquiry. The more skilled and knowledgeable the outsourcing partner is the more efficient they can become. Training and information accessibility about the client’s processes and procedures are key elements to providing quick and relevant responses in technical support departments.

Sales Product Support: Your clients may request further information about your products and services. Sales support representatives help customers with pre-purchase and post-purchase questions. Agents must be highly educated on the products the company sells and the benefits of the products.

General Customer Care: Not all customers want to be sold products/services by customer representatives. These types of clients are seeking general customer information such as billing issues, basic troubleshooting issues and/or complaints. Agents answering general customer care enquiries complement or replace the traditional receptionist duties.

All customers are always looking for a customer care representative with expertise and knowledge of the company.

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