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What Is A Customer Journey Map? 

Customer journey maps allow us to walk in our customer’s shoes by travelling with them as they interact with the company. They provide us with an accurate outside-in view, focusing on desired outcomes from the customer’s perspective. We can see what our customer’s needs are at each interaction, how well we meet them, and where there are opportunities for improvement.

The key element of Customer Journey Mapping is to develop a plan to improve the overall customer experience. The act of walking through the Journey Mapping process is worth the time and extra effort.

Here are our three key benefits of Customer Journey Mapping:

1. Helps us to understand our customers: Customer Journey Mapping often requires business managers to “walk in the customer’s shoes” and consider how the customer feels about their interactions with the company. This act of empathising with the customer makes it easier to shift out of internal process mode and into thinking about how the company could be doing a better job of delivering value to customers.

2. Identifying inefficiencies: During the Customer Journey Mapping process we can identify things the company is doing that are time-consuming for employees or expensive to do and yet failing to add value to the customer relationship. By removing these inefficiencies we can improve the customer experience and save the company money.

3. By working on the Customer Journey Map together, ensures that the individuals most capable of solving customers’ problems will be on the same page about what these problems are and the best approach to fixing them.

It is important to remember that every Customer Journey Mapping session should end with clear direction on what is happening next and who is responsible for making that happen. You can use this template as a starting point:

How to use a customer journey plan to identify your contact centre needs?