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Running an e-business/e-commerce is hard work. You need to drive traffic to your online store, respond to customers in a quick and timely manner, create new promotions on a continuous basis, and have secure and safe payment gateways along with the normal day to day deliverables for traditional high street businesses.

Below are some tips for you that will help you deliver an excellent customer experience.

  • Set out your goals, visions and strategies. You must have an idea of where you want to be and what you need to do to get there. It will take time to set out these goals so make sure to allocate a reasonable budget in relation to time and expense.
  • Understand your customer. Continuous market research on your customer’s on-line buying patterns will allow you to analyse valuable data on ‘customer profiling’. Your value proposition must be clearly defined and why your customers purchase from you and not your competitors. You also need to differentiate between unique, loyal and once-off customers.
  • Sell products consumers want to buy. Once you understand your e-business customers, be sure to sell products that meet their needs and forecast upcoming trends.
  • Cost. Competition is fierce. You have little control over what price the market will bear, however, you do have control over how much you pay for your products. You will need to negotiate a lot and find several sources.
  • SEO. Invest in SEO to maximise the success of your e-business and to make sure you appear first in all online searches. You will also need to allocate a budget for advertising, blogging, social media, etc to drive traffic to your website.
  • Excellent customer experience. A key element is to ensure that your website, content, promotions, landing pages, shopping cart, checkout, and customer service support your sales goals.
  • No generic e-mails. Customers do not like canned responses so make sure and personalise your responses. This can be as simple as a first name in every email promotion.
  • Build relationships. Your aim should be to convert all your online visitors to repeat customers.
  • Fresh content. Keep your online content fresh, post promotions, and provide incentives for return visitors to your stores.

Arema Connect can help you with your e-business by providing a consistent, warm and attentive response to every single customer.

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