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Good customer service starts with a positive attitude. If you answer the caller in a cheerful and chirpy manner then it becomes infectious. It is important to remember you are part of the front-line support staff and the first person your client speaks with when experiencing a problem. Your professionalism will dictate their impression of your company forever.

Here are some tips on “How to evaluate a good customer care representative?”

  • Your customer care team should answer customer requests or inquiries promptly. If a call is made, answer as soon as possible. This will ensure that customers are receiving the help they need in a timely manner.
  • Your team should provide a friendly and polite greeting as this will make a good first impression with your customer. Use the customer’s name when appropriate to help ensure a personalized experience. Treat the customer fairly, courteously and respectfully. When on a call your team should smile as the customer will hear it in their voice.Good customer service
  • Your customer care team should be patient. Patience, as they say, is a virtue, and one that anyone that deals with customer service issues must have. Listen carefully to customer’s requests, problems or questions. Allow the customer to share information or ask as many questions as he/she needs.
  • It is very important to keep employees interested and passionate about the product or service. If someone on the receiving end of a customer service call believes in their company and its products/services, they are going to be better at resolving problems.
  • Your team should empathise with the customer. Your customer care team should gain an understanding of what the customer needs and determine a plan of action. They should ask open-ended questions to help determine what the customer needs.
  • Your team should resolve situations or answer questions in a timely manner. If a problem arises that your front line can’t fix or don’t know the answer to, they should get help from another customer service representative or a supervisor. Use the tools provided by management to meet the customer’s needs.
  • Your customer care team should provide the customer with a polite closing greeting. You can create a positive and lasting memory so that the customer will want to return or use the company’s services again.

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